The Bob Brown Foundation is organising an event in the beautiful Upper Florentine to support the World Heritage status of the forest and protest the proposed removal of the Upper Florentine from the World Heritage Area.
The event is on Sunday 27 April, 12.30 pm.



This will be showing in the State Cinema in Hobart from mid March until mid June.


Please see below the Florentine Protection Society’s submission to the TWWHA management plan review.

TWWHAMP submission – final

They are free. Please get them out there. So far they are available at the Wilderness Society Shop in Salamanca; The Wilderness Society in Davey St; the Green Shop, 208 Elizabeth St; Environment Tasmania, 100 Elizabeth St; Andrew Wilkie’s office; Fuller’s Book Shop.

Happy to send you some if you would like them. Just contact us: info@florentine.org.au


Following the inclusion of the Upper Florentine in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area by the World Heritage Committee in June 2013, the Tasmanian Government proclaimed the Florentine River Regional Reserve in December 2013. This status provides formal protection for the Upper Florentine, and is a direct result of the implementation of the Tasmanian Forest Agreement.

But now with the ink barely dried on this proclamation, the Federal Government has demanded the World Heritage Committee delist the Upper Florentine together with many other forests in the new World Heritage Area extensions.

Get-Up, with the backing of Environment Tasmania and the Wilderness Society, is coordinating an on-line petition to Minister Hunt to withdraw this proposal.

The Florentine Protection Society, which is a member organisation of Environment Tasmania, is urging members to support this petition. The link is: https://www.getup.org.au/tas-forests

The Tasmanian Environment Defenders Office has produced an excellent fact sheet, which is available from their website. The website also has a link to the federal government’s map of the proposed reduced World Heritage Area. Go to: http://www.edotas.org.au/ for links to these documents.

Angie McGowan
Florentine Protection Society


Public Rally

Date: 12:30 pm Tues 28 January

Where: Parliament Lawns, Hobart

Speakers: Peter Cundall
Ruth Langford, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre
Peter McGlone, Tasmanian Conservation Trust
Lucy-Landon Lane, No Pulp Mill Alliance
Nick McKim, Leader, Tasmanian Greens

Dear Members and Supporters

The Tasmanian Parliament is being recalled this Tuesday 28 January, 2014 to pass legislation that will shore up the 2007 fast-track permits to build the Tamar Valley pulp mill.
This is designed to kill-off the legal challenge and clears the way for an unknown international company to buy the dodgy pulp mill permits
Proper process and good governance was corrupted in 2007 when the Labor and Liberal parties passed the fast-tracked pulp mill act.
Now they are doing it again. Join us and the No Pulp Mill Alliance once again and stand against this mill.

Parliament opens at 10. It would be good to be inside to observe proceedings. Please make a real effort to get to the rally at 12.30.

Read more: https://www.wilderness.org.au/articles/nopulpmill
For more info or to offer your help on the day, please email the wonderful liz.johnstone@wilderness.org.au

Warm regards
Elizabeth Perey, president Florentine Protection Society.


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